The agony of feedback

I tend to judge my success in an assignment by how the feedback makes me feel.  Always read with one eye open and one eye closed as if I can’t wait to find out but I don’t want to know.  If I’ve done a bad job then I have to deal with the bad feelings associated with the criticism albeit constructive and essential to my growth as a photographer.  If I’ve done a good job then my confidence will grow.

I get lots of praise for my portrait photography but it’s not difficult as the photographs look pretty and the children are cute and their parents are in love with them.  What makes me sit up and listen is feedback from someone who has all the knowledge I crave and can give me assured knowledgeable advice.

So tutor feedback, as painful as it is for me, is the valuable part of distance learning as its a base for making improvements to my knowledge and skills and ultimately my work.



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