Image and Text

My brief was to look for photographs in the newspaper and add text to them with the aim of re-contextualising them.

Photograph 1

hallelula 1 copy

This ladies pose and the huge cross around her neck made me think of worship assembly where preachers cure their congregation members.  By adding the text I’ve given other viewers the same opinion without directly saying where she is.  This is an example of relay.  The lady in the photograph has in reality just found out she’s won tickets to Adele’s concert however this isn’t at all clear without the text.  This photograph can be interpreted in many ways, ‘she lost ten pounds this week!’, ‘winner of singing competition shocked by results’ etc.

Photograph 2

naval officer

Although this seems like a cruel take on the stereotype of naval workers the caption has re-contextualised the image.  Its actually a report on ‘daddy’s home for christmas’ but the interpretation can be controlled via the text.  Another example of Relay.

Photograph 3


motorbike copy

This final photograph has been contextualised with the added text.  The photograph is from an advert so keeping in the same topic.  This is an example of anchor, where the text is firmly telling you this is a fast bike and its a Triumph.  Theres no room for ambiguity.  I originally changed the context of this photograph by making it appear to be a getaway vehicle from a crime but instead decided to use it demonstrate an anchor type of narrative.


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