Sarah Pickering – Public Order

Sarah Pickerings Public Order series gives us a very clear insight into a different world.

Sarah Pickering – Public Order

We wouldn’t normally see streets that are devoid of people but series shows us exactly that.

Fig 1, River Way (Roadblock) 2004

From the first glance I’m wondering what happened here, theres chaos but no people.  I then notice that the building on the left is merely a facade and suddenly it dawns on me that this is a place used for some sort of practice.

The photographs instantly made me feel on edge because they made me aware that threats exist out there.  The sight of two smashed up cars creating a road block emanates chaos almost as if I can’t get past the photograph myself.  I also feel empty which is likely to be a reaction to the streets being empty.

On reflection I’m not feeling grateful that there are people out there who train in mock towns such as these to keep us safe.  We never think about how or where professionals are trained to keep people safe we really just take for granted that they do.

I don’t think the public order series is misleading.  There are enough clues in the photographs to know that this isn’t a normal town.  In fig 1, we can clearly see that the building on the left is a facade  which demonstrates a good documentary style.


Fig 1. Pickering, S. (2004) River Way (Roadblock). At (Accessed 16/02/2017)


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