Edgar Martins – Ruins if the second gilded age(2009)

In my previous post I was talking about ‘late photography’ and how it misrepresents the true story, here, Edgar Martins has found and appropriate use for such a method.  Martins, a British photographer, produced a photo essay for the New York times and showed large format (for extra drama) photographs of houses that were either unfinished building projects or abandoned empty shells.

Given the context of ‘wasted houses’ using a late photography approach to the subject would further it’s meaning as the longer the houses are left, the more neglected they look.  The point being put across what the severity and effects of the house price crash in America so the aftermath method worked in Martins favour.

I tried searching for Martins images in this series but it would appear they have been taken off line.  On further inspection it would appear that Martins had manipulated some of his images and a debate ensued.


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